The Top 5 Websites to find used Boats in US

Some decades ago, you would need to spend many months driving all around the countryside, to boatyards to look for used boats. As with all other shopping today, it is virtually a walk in the park to get used boats on sale.

Before you get started, you need to be clear about the kind of boat you want. This is wiser than facing the risk of getting a boat that does not fulfill your needs. You have to be particular about the type and the size of the boat you are looking for. You have to consider your budget and work out your finances before you look for surveys and other important steps in the process of buying used boats in the United States of America.

There are certain considerations before you go out looking for used boats in the United States of America. You will have to select between centerboard or dagger board boats versus fixed-keel boats. Boats over twenty feet in length have fixed keels generally. Boats that are less than fifteen feet in length have centerboards. There is a vast range of boats available between twelve and twenty five feet in length with wither centerboards or fixed keels. All large cruising and racing boats have fixed keels. There is also a choice between an in-board and an outboard engine.

To get started, here are five top websites where you can find used boats in the United States:-

  1. Marine Max – These are more than just boat dealers. They are a big resource besides sellers of new and used boats. Their clients get an access to their vast experience of matching individual customers with ideal boats for them from their expansive brand diversity and the boat models. They also provide service that is of international standards; they also offer insurance and financing and educational programs for avid boaters. The boat brands they offer are of varied size and for all types of use. Besides used boats, you can also take their assistance on leisure activities such as water sports, fishing and luxury vacations.
  2. Boat Export USA – They are located in the South East region of Florida and have been recognized for many years now as one of the best boat dealers in the boating capital of the world. They are known for their low price deals for used boats. It becomes very lucrative for people importing boats from the United States of America to buy used boats from here than from anywhere else in this country. For example, in the Western part of the United States, labor unions manage most of the ports and boating companies; hence, the prices are about ten to twenty per cent higher in these parts.
  3. Yacht World – This is another good place to look for used boats in the U.S. This dealer has more than a hundred thousand boats on offer with plenty of information and images on all the boats.  You can get data on the type of boats like power, super sports or sail along with the model and the name of the manufacturer, both new and used. You can also get information on the range and length of the boat. This site will be very helpful to learn about particular boat models and the range of equipment and options offered.
  4. Boat Trader – This website also lists down a large number of used boats for the buyers and allows search options by means of multiple criteria. It includes fixer-uppers from the liquidators. You can get a listing of used boats by dealers and brokers. These boats are larger and slightly more expensive than other places.
  5. Top Notch Marine – This is another popular used boat dealer based in Florida. It is known for selling the top brands in the country such as Bennington, Seahawk, Sea Fox, Wellcraft and South Bay Pontoons. They have millions of dollars’ worth of inventory on order and in stock. You can look for dual consoles, center consoles, decks, pontoon boats and walk around cabins. They also specialize in ensuring that you get what you are looking for because of the variety that they stock. Besides the sale of used boats, they also offer scheduled maintenance and repair services for the boats. Insurance options, easy financing and boat consignments are also made available for the convenience of buyers. They have a retail stores that provides parts and accessories for the boats.