How to import a boat from United States?

There are many reasons for importing a boat from the United States of America. Buyers from Europe, United Kingdom and Australia will consider importing a boat as an excellent option against buying one locally.

The main reason is that there is a vast range of boats available in the United States when it comes to both early and latest models. The second and a very strong reason is the favourable rate of exchange when Euro or Great British Pound is pitted against the U.S. Dollar. Price is certainly one of the strongest reasons for importing boats from the U.S. Another good reason is that boats that are pre-owned in the United States are equipped with plenty of extra accessories like air-conditioning, radar and satellite. Most of these boats may have cruised only in dams and fresh water lakes.

Super Boat USA is your import solution for boats from USA

Super Boat USA is your solution when you want to import a boat from the United States of America with years of experience behind it in international boat business. It is primarily in the business of assisting professional boat importers and individual buyers from around the world when they want to buy boats from USA and use or re-export to any other place globally. We display both new and pre-owned boats, yachts and personal watercraft.

There is a huge demand from the importers for arranging boats for them from the South East Florida area as this region has come to be regarded as one of the prime boating capitals in the world where they can avail of most super boats at very economical prices. Majority of the boat manufacturers are located in the eastern coast of the United States of America. The boat rates are ten per cent less when compared to regions like California where ports are mostly run by labour unions, making the costs of maintaining higher. This reflects on the prices of the boats at the time of export.

Import Procedure for Boats from the United States

Boats and yachts, when being imported from the United States to Australia for example, are subject to a 5% duty which is based on customs value and 10% General Sales Tax on that customs value with additional insurance and transportation costs. All new and second-hand boats that are imported privately are usually valued based on the transaction method. An alternative means of valuation applies when the boat was manufactured by the owner and if the boat has been modified extensively after it was manufactured. In case of second-hand boats, valuation will vary if the vendor and the importer are related parties and if that relationship affects the import price. In such cases, a marine surveyor will value the boat. The pricing will be done based on the value existing in the market and will include all elements such as customs duties and GST. These elements will have to be deducted along with the transportation costs from the local evaluation.

The sailing and transportation cost will include the cost of light and radio lists, charts books for the pilot and the cost of maps. It will also include the wages of the crew or the forage allowance besides the victualling or food expenses which does not allow alcohol and tobacco use. Other costs are for fuel and bunkering.

Process of Export

From the time Super Boat USA receives your acknowledgment of the import quote, it locates the boat you desire, verifies the selling channels and prepares the purchase and sales agreement, arranges surveys, conducts sea trials and checks bank lines, if any, to get the export documents ready. The Bill of Sale, Title and Certificate of Origin along with parts and equipment installations are made available to the importer before the boat is exported. Super Boat USA specializes in international boat export, boat transport and delivery and CE Certification. It uses trained, certified and experienced marine technicians who make sure that the boats for export are prepared properly. These technicians are committed to offering quality service for boat exports at reasonable cost.

It is definitely a smart move to import a boat from the United States of America. The internet has opened up limitless opportunities of comparing prices and spotting excellent boat deals. The variety of boats available in the United States is large and as the supply increases, the prices also tend to go down when compared with the boats in the United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. The boats in the United States will be available for anywhere between 10% -25% less than what the local boats would cost in these places.