About Us

Super Boat USA LLC is a leading media group in the world which helps in serving the super yacht business. We publish the best super yacht luxury books as well as magazines in the world. We are also in the business of organizing quality events and offering digital media services to both the owners and professionals in the super boat business.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • Our products and services are focused to deliver sellers, buyers and operators of super boats to all those builders, service companies and brokers who are functioning within the global super boat market across all types of media.
  • We are in the business of offering media solutions with a tailored mix to all our customers. These solutions are innovative and are meant to deliver an impact and effective results.
  • Our offerings have the highest standard of quality as we engage some of the best photographers and expert journalists in the world who work across print and digital video. Our magazines sell in almost all countries of the world and are published in various languages.
  • We organize all prestigious events in the super boat calendar at exclusive locations. The events that we organize may range from locations such as Florida, the Pacific Seaboard, Canada, Alaska and the Caribbean and Latin American countries.
  • We also own a comprehensive database of all super yachts, giving the social networking tools for the super boat captains and the crew.
  • We have many years of experience behind us as a promoter of power boat events with hands-on knowledge of some of the highly competitive racing units in the world.